Các Tổ chức Cung cấp Dịch vụ

Báo cáo Sự cố Đặc biệt

Sự cố đặc biệt là gì? Sự cố Đặc biệt là một sự kiện bất lợi bất thường trong cuộc sống của một cá nhân nhận các dịch vụ của Trung tâm Khu vực.
The main categories for reporting are:
  • Injuries requiring treatment beyond first aid
  • medical needs, accidents, injuries, other (medication refusal or medication documentation error only)
  • suspected abuse or exploitation
  • suspected neglect
  • unauthorized absence
  • all hospitalizations, including urgent care/ER Visit
  • victim of crime
  • aggressive acts
  • death
Please come to vendor training to learn the details. It's offered every month- see link below.
Special Incidents are required to be reported to San Andreas Regional Center both by phone and by email within 24 hours of the incident. This allows for needed processing and submission to DDS within the 48 hour timeframe outlined in Title 17 Section 54327.
Any updates are to be submitted by adding the details of follow-up information, including appointments and the After Visit Summary, add the date of new information, and do not delete any of the information from the initial SIR form you submitted. 
*Reporting to DDS of an individual with a positive COVID test is no longer required. You may either send a SIR to SARC or notify the Service Coordinator by email. 
Please attend SARC SIR training annually to stay current with changing requirements and expectations.    
Link to DDS Vendor Information page: