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Special Incident Reporting

What is a Special Incident? A Special Incident is an unusual adverse event in the life of an individual receiving Regional Center services.

What is Reportable? Types of Incidents to Report in SANDIS

Note: San Andreas RC Special Incident Report form is approved by and accepted by Community Care Licensing and the California Department of Health Care Licensing.

How soon is a Special Incident report due to San Andreas Regional Center? Reports are due, in writing and by phone call, within 24 hours Link to Special Incident Report Form

Instructions for Completing SARC SIR

During the COVID-19 outbreak, your assistance is needed and appreciated. The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has requested that vendors and long term care providers (ICF-DD) report any consumer who tests positive for a new case of COVID-19 (“New Case” means the first time someone becomes ill from COVID-19, or a subsequent illness after recovery from a prior COVID-19 illness) and any consumer whose death is attributed to COVID-19. In addition to submitting a SIR, providers must also submit the SARC-COVID-19-Consumer Form_Rev 3.15.22

Staff Training Materials during Shelter-in–place


Is Training Available For Service Providers?  Link to Training Schedule

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