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Trung tâm khu vực San Andreas là một tập đoàn cộng đồng phi lợi nhuận tư nhân do Tiểu bang California tài trợ để phục vụ người khuyết tật phát triển theo yêu cầu của Đạo luật về khuyết tật phát triển Lanterman. Đạo luật Lanterman là một phần của luật California quy định các quyền và trách nhiệm của người khuyết tật phát triển. Tiểu bang Cali có tất cả 21 trung tâm khu vực và riêng Trung tâm khu vực San Andreas chỉ phục vụ các cá nhân và gia đình cư trú tại các quận Hạt Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara và Santa Cruz.

San Andreas provides diagnostic and prevention services to help ameliorate developmental disabilities. Examples of such service includes amniocentesis, chorionic villus screening or genetic screening for pregnant woman. Chromosomal studies, and genetic counseling, are available to family members to determine hereditary conditions that may increase the risk for birthing a developmental disabled infant or to determine the cause of a disabling condition. These prevention services are available upon referral from a physician.

Early Start is another prevention program designed in partnership with Local Education Agencies to serve infants between birth and thirty-six months of age. Infants at risk for developing disabilities, or who are born in high risk medical conditions or who are experiencing delays in development are qualified to receive intervention services geared at maximizing the development of the infant during these early years.Any person, residing in the four county areas, regardless of age, cultural background, or income, believed to have a developmental disability, may receive diagnostic services to assess eligibility. To be considered eligible, the disability must have originated before the age of eighteen, be likely to continue indefinitely, and constitute a substantial handicap.

The eligible conditions are: Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, and other conditions closely related to intellectual disability.

Để nộp đơn xin dịch vụ của Trung tâm San Andreas quý vị có thể gọi điện thoại, viết thư hoặc trực tiếp đến văn phòng Trung tâm khu vực trong vùng cư ngụ của quý vị. Sau khi khởi liên lạc với Trung tâm khu vực, quý vị sẽ có được một buổi phỏng vấn sơ khởi về tình trạng xin dịch vụ của quý vị. Sau đó, một cuộc họp vấn sẽ được ấn định để đánh giá và xác định đủ điều kiện.

There is no charge for diagnosis and assessment. Once eligibility is established, Regional Center staff, working together with the consumer, his/ her family, and other involved persons; to develop an Individual Program Plan (IPP) or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) which define the individual needs, services and supports.

Services Provided

Once an individual’s eligibility has been determined through the Lập Hồ sơ process, service coordination and planning is initiated with the development of a person centered written plan. Services are individually determined and are provided to assist with opportunities to maximize consumers’ opportunities to live independent productive and satisfying lives as members of our community.

San Andreas assists eligible consumers to apply and access other social service agencies and public benefit programs; and may provide funding for services. Some examples of services funded by San Andreas are: infant education; family support services such as respite and specialized day care; community living arrangements such as residential care and supported living. San Andreas also assists with advocacy to access other services such as In Home Support Services (IHSS), In Home Shift Nursing, or educational programs.


People with developmental disabilities are entitled to the same rights and protections as any other person under the laws of California and the Constitution of the United States. State law provides additional specific rights to people with developmental disabilities. These rights include, but are not limited to: treatment and rehabilitation services; dignity, privacy, and human care; education; to be free from harm; advocacy services; social integration and community participation. San Andreas is committed to ensuring and protecting these civil, legal and service rights to which our consumers and applicants are entitled.

Parents have rights and access to protections to assure that early intervention services are provided in a manner appropriate to the child’s needs and to the concerns of the family.

Due Process

All applicants, eligible consumers, and their representatives are entitled to due process or the right to appeal decisions rendered by San Andreas Regional Center in which they disagree.

Sứ mệnh

San Andreas Regional Center Sứ mệnh recognizes the ongoing need for advocacy to sustain the original intent and promise of the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act and commits itself to protecting its provisions.

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