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Mission Statement: “Consumers First, through Service, Advocacy, Respect and Choice

The Health Services Unit, in keeping with San Andreas Regional Center’s Mission of “Consumers First, through Service, Advocacy, Respect and Choice,” is a team of multi-disciplinary licensed health professionals that support the Service Coordinators in providing case management to individuals served by San Andreas Regional Center.

This team is composed of registered nurses (RNs), an occupational therapist (OT), and a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice (RDHAP).

Collaboration with the vendor community and medical community at large is accomplished through clinical consultation, training, education, and advocacy.

Some helpful links:

Medi-Cal:  https://www.dhcs.ca.gov/services/medi-cal/Pages/default.aspx

Denti-Cal:  https://www.denti-cal.ca.gov/

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Health Services training for Vendors

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