Coronavirus Information and Resources

San Andreas Regional Center is committed to supporting our community during this crisis. We encourage individuals served, families, and service providers to check back here regularly as we continue to update this page with new guidance and pertinent information.


Free Covid-19 test kits

Register here for your free Covid 19 test kits: test kits

Mandatory Vaccine Order

The California State Public Health Officer issued a new public health order. The order requires certain workers to become fully vaccinated by November 30, 2021:


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Information

Vaccine Registration

Every county has a different process for registration.  If you need help registering for your vaccine, please contact your service coordinator or send an email to


For more information on vaccine availability in your county, click on the appropriate link:

  • My Turn  -Everyone in California will have an opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID-19 at no cost. But our vaccination supply is limited right now. So we’re starting with the groups who are at highest risk, like people with a high chance of exposure and people 65 and older


  • Santa Clara County -Individuals who are eligible to be vaccinated are encouraged to contact their healthcare system to make an appointment. Most healthcare providers below are now offering vaccinations to all county residents age 65 and older, regardless of their healthcare care provider or insurance. See below for scheduling options by provider.


  • Santa Cruz County-Most residents will receive their vaccines through their medical provider, and residents should contact their doctor or clinic for more information. The Public Health Division will distribute vaccine through our local vaccine plan.


  • Monterey County- Beginning Wednesday, February 17th individuals 65 and older who work in the industry sectors of food and agriculture, education and childcare and emergency services as well as those 65 and older in the ZIP codes of the greatest need will be eligible to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated


  • San Benito County-San  Benito County Public Health Services is committed to providing accurate, reliable updates to the public regarding the vaccine.  Vaccinations are being administered daily and the information presented in the dashboard is updated weekly or as soon as reasonably possible. The updates are dependent on reporting from numerous providers across the county. Please note, the remaining doses available are currently being scheduled for administration by all providers.  The second dose of the vaccine must be administered within the manufacturer's required time frame between 21-28 days depending on the manufacturer's.


  • Vaccine Finder -VaccineFinder is a free, online service where users can search for locations that offer vaccinations.




  • Vaccine Standby List -Vaccination locations sometimes have unused, extra doses of COVID vaccine they must either use or throw out. We give providers like pharmacies or clinics with leftover doses a way to reach nearby people looking to get vaccinated on a moment's notice.No wasted vaccine. No hours-long lines. Verified providers.









Provider Bulletin 2.12.21-