Service Providers

Emergency Preparedness

Providers of Residential, Day Program and Supported Living Services of San Andreas Regional Center are required to provide the following Emergency Preparedness information as part of their Program Design.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency Drills: State the types of emergency drills to be held by the program (e.g. Fire, Earthquake, etc.). Include;

a. frequency of drills,

b. who is responsible for making the drill happen

c. what documentation will be kept to provide a record of these drills.

d. Provide a sample of the documentation.

Emergency Supplies and Equipment: State what emergency kits (aka “grab and go” bags) will be kept in the home/site. What will they contain? Who is responsible for their upkeep? How frequently will they be renewed? Where will they be stored?

Emergency Relocation Sites: Where will be people be taken in the event that the home/site is no longer inhabitable? Please list two sites and include letters from the owners of those sites stating they are aware of, and OK with, this relocation plan.

Emergency Preparedness Plan – Employee Policies and Staff Training: Include policies which state what is required of your employees when the Emergency Preparedness Plan goes into effect. Include sample of statement employees will sign stating that they understand the Emergency Preparedness Plan and will abide by it in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness Plan – Sharing the plan: Include a statement that your organization’s emergency preparedness plan will be updated and shared annually with; people receiving your services, their families, their service coordinators and other organizations serving them.


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