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Health & Safety Waiver Information


Health and Safety Waiver Exemption Request Process:

Welfare & Institutions Code sections 4681.6, 4648.4(b), 4681.5, 4684.55, 4689.8, 4691.6 and 4691.9 authorize the Department of Developmental Services (Department) to approve exemptions to rate freezes for the purpose of mitigating risks to and individual’s health and safety. The budget Act of 2021 allocated funding to facilitate the application for Health and Safety Waivers for non-English speaking or deaf and hard of hearing individuals that may have unaddressed needs.

For details visit: HS overview

The following documents must be submitted to SARC when requesting a Health & Safety Waiver request:

1. A formal written request. Please review the Fact Sheet (English, Spanish, Vietnamese) for further details.

2. A completed Health and safety Worksheet. Visit the DDS website to download this worksheet. DDS Process

More Information:

Vendors may contact Jeff Quendangan, Health & Safety Waiver Specialist (669) 333 - 9387 or


Families and Individuals supported by SARC should contact their Service Coordinator




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