The Community Services Department of San Andreas Regional Center provides a variety of services to people served by San Andreas Regional Center, current and potential service providers as well as staff of the agency. The following are brief descriptions of some of the services provided:

Resource Development

Our Resource Department works closely with current and potential businesses and organizations to enable them to become service providers by developing and reviewing programs that meet the needs of the people served by San Andreas Regional Center.

Vendorization of Services

All services funded by San Andreas Regional Center go through a stringent review process prior to being approved by the Resource Department for vendorization by San Andreas Regional Center. Service providers’ program designs are closely reviewed by this department to ensure the program meets all of the federal, state and regional center requirements for service delivery. A few examples of the different types of programs vendored by San Andreas Regional Center are: Residential Homes, Day Programs, Supported Living Services, Behavioral Support, Early Intervention, Respite and Day Care and many, many others.

Level 4a – 4i Residential Services – Consultant Approval

Providers of residential services licensed by Community Care Licensing must provide a certain number of hours of consultation to the people they serve, as outlined in Title 17 and as identified in the Individual Program Plan of the person receiving the consultation services. The Resource Department reviews all consultants to be used by a residential service provider to ensure those consultants meet all requirements of their practice, federal and state regulations and regional center requirements. The Resource Department maintains a list of “approved” consultants. San Andreas Regional Center requires that Level 4a – 4i residential service providers use only consultants whose names are on the List of Approved Consultants. For a copy of the list please call 408-374-9960 and ask to speak to the “Resource Officer of the Day”.

Service Provider Training

The Resource Department provides twice annual Residential Services Orientations. They also provide trainings on “Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and the Prevention of Abuse”. Click here to see a current schedule of trainings offered by the Resource Department.

Quality Assurance Services

The Resource Department conducts annual facility monitoring and biannual unannounced visits for Service Level 4i Residential Homes. They also conduct formal investigations of complaints for all services.

Medicaid Waiver

The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (HCBS), also known as the Medicaid Waiver, allows the State of California to receive federal reimbursement, via Medicaid funding, for providing services to people with developmental disabilities in the community rather than in institutional settings. People served by San Andreas Regional Center who enroll in the waiver must have a certain level of care needs, must have full-scope Medi-Cal, must use a Medicaid Waiver billable service, and must indicate their choice to live in the community by signing a “choice form.” The Medicaid Waiver team, within the Resource Department, also helps families get Medi-Cal for their minor children through a program called “institutional deeming,” wherein the parents’ income, which is usually the determining factor, is removed from consideration and the child’s income is used to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal. Families who are institutionally deemed must also enroll in the Medicaid Waiver.

Family Cost Participation Program

This unit provides for the administration of San Andreas Regional Center’s Family Cost Participation activities including; share of cost assessment, document confidentiality and notifications that are relevant to the Family Cost Participation Program.

Risk Management and Mitigation

This unit completes all activities relative to Special Incidents reported to San Andreas Regional Center including; Special Incident Report data and reporting processes, and data analysis of consumer risk. The unit provides research and data for review by the Mortality and Morbidity Committee and The Quality Assurance Review Committee. They also develop Risk Assessment tools and disseminate those to service providers and service coordinators for use in plans of action for people served by San Andreas Regional Center.

For training Schedule, please follow the calendar

Community Services training for Vendors