Early Start

San Andreas Regional Center is committed to supporting our community during this crisis. We encourage individuals served, families, and service providers to check back here regularly as we continue to update this page with new guidance and pertinent information.


Request an Early Start Assessment- Monterey County

San Andreas Regional Center contracts with service providers to conduct the early start assessments.

ONLY Monterey County-

Trumpet Behavioral Health 

call:   1-831-443-1279


Fax referral line: (831) 424-5566


Requesting an Early Start Assessment-Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties

San Andreas Regional Center contracts with service providers to conduct the early start assessments.


ONLY Santa Clara,  Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties

Stars Infant Development 

Call 1-844-700-9889 or visit STARS Assessment Request 

Or use this QR code to begin the application:

Assessment: Assessment includes a review of a child’s motor, communication, self-help adaptive, social-emotional, and cognitive development. . A vision and hearing screening and medical information is critical to determine if a child is at risk for having a developmental disability and is eligible for early start services. Assessment, eligibility, and IFSP are conducted within 45 days of initial contact.

Reason for concern- Should I refer?

Eligibility (0-3 years of age)

Infants and toddlers from birth to age 36 months may be eligible for early intervention services through Early Start if, through documented evaluation and assessment, they meet one of the criteria listed below:


  1. San Andreas serves children from the counties of Santa Clara, San Benito, Montery and Santa Cruz.
  2. Have a developmental delay of at least 25% in one or more areas of cognitive, communication, social or emotional, adaptive, or physical and motor development including vision and hearing; or
  3. Have an established risk condition of known etiology, with a high probability of resulting in delayed development; or
  4. Be considered at high risk of having a substantial developmental disability due to a combination of biomedical risk factors of which are diagnosed by qualified personnel

Click here for the current eligibility language: early start eligibility birth to 2 yrs 9 months for assessment.


DDS webpage: DDS Early Start 

Not sure if you should refer for an early start assessment?  Please click on the reason for concern link below:

  1. Reasons For Concern
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  4. Healthcare-Brochure-2020
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Family Rights and Responsibilities

Parents who participate in the early start program will receive information about their rights and responsibilities at the time of the initial IFSP meeting. This information is provided in the “Parents Rights in Early Start Handbook” developed by the State. Learn more here: Department of Developmental Services.


Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

An IFSP is developed once eligibility is determined. The plan consists of goals objectives and services jointly agreed by the IFSP team. All parties will be given a copy of the plan. The IFSP will be reviewed with the family every six months.


Learn more about the IFSP here: IFSP info 

Primary Service Agency

Early Intervention services that are needed for each eligible infant/toddler are purchased or arranged by the Local Education Agency (LEA), which may be the local school district or San Andreas Regional Center. The LEA will be discussed at your IFSP.


FRC Brochures

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is available to provide support. Early Start Family Resource Centers (ESFRC) provide parent to parent support, outreach, information and referral services to families of children with disabilities and the professionals who serve them. All ESFRCS serve families of children birth to three and many have enhanced funding which allows them to serve families of children over the age of three and individuals with developmental disabilities. Please click on the FRC link for more information on the statewide network, but click on the link below for the local FRC’s serving the San Andreas Regional Center area.



Families of infants and toddlers can receive parent-to-parent support from Early Start Family Resource Centers. Family Resource Centers (FRC) actively work in partnership with local regional centers and education agencies and help many parents, families and children get information about early intervention services and how to navigate the Early Start system.  

Learn more here: FRC information 

Santa Clara County: Parents Helping Parents
Monterey County: Special Kids Crusade
San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties: Special Parents Information Network

Early Start Services

Services are based on the IFSP goals and recommendations.  Some services may be provided by the insurance company or San Andreas.   Services may include:


  1. Assistive technology.
  2. Hearing services.
  3. Family training and home visits.
  4. Health and medical services.
  5. Service coordination.
  6. Special instruction.
  7. Occupational and Physical Therapy.
  8. Speech and language service.
  9. Transportation.
  10. Vision services



There is no cost for evaluation, assessment and service coordination. Public or private insurance is accessed for medically necessary therapy services including speech, physical and occupational therapies. Services that are not covered by insurance will be purchased or provided by regional centers or local education agencies.

An Annual Family Program Fee may be assessed in some circumstances.


Transition Services

Transition to part B (School District Services) may occur as early as 9 months or must occur no later than 33 months (90 days) before the child’s 3rd birthday. San Andreas Regional Center and/or Local Education Agency (LEA) and family will meet with the School District of residence to discuss transition planning 34 CFR & 303.209 (c) (1). Once a child is determined eligible for Early Start there is no cost for evaluation, assessment, and service coordination. Public or private insurance is accessed for medically necessary services, speech and language, physical therapy and occupational therapy. IFSP agreed upon required services that are not covered by insurance will be purchased and provided by the regional center or LEA. In addition to accessing insurance an Annual Family Program Fee (AFPF) may be accessed in some circumstances. For more details visit:

Take a minute:   Resources for families 

Early start Neighborhood: resources for families


Department of Developmental Services

Learn more about the Early Start here:

DDS Information 

Outreach plan