Supported Living Services

Supported Living Quality Assurance Evaluations

Supported Living is quite a simple idea…

A person with disabilities gets the support they need to live in their own home.  If the person’s needs change, the support they get can also be changed.  The most important thing is that the support matches the person’s needs.  This means the support services are designed for the person…they fit the person; the person does not have to fit the services.

Supported Living helps the person to live in their community.

The quality assurance (QA) team of San Andreas Regional Center evaluates and reviews the Supported Living Agency who is responsible for coordinating the lives of the individuals served by San Andreas.

The QA Team is responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing employee records of the individuals who are hired by the Supported Living Agency.
  • Reviewing records of the individuals served by San Andreas Regional Center.
  • Interviewing the individuals served by San Andreas and his/her direct care staff.
  • Interviewing administration staff of the Supported Living Agency.

Based on findings, San Andreas Regional Center provides the Supported Living Agency with an evaluation report reflecting any recommendations and/or directions for correction.  If needed, the quality assurance team will revisit the Agency within 30 days to be sure that all recommendations and/or directions for correction have been met.

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