POS Data Analysis - FY17

San Andreas Regional Center
Purchase of Service (POS) Data Analysis
Fiscal Year 2016-2017

California Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 4519.5 requires that each regional center shall post the Purchase of Service data by December 31 of each year.   WIC, Section 4519.5 is incorporated herein as a reference.

Each year,  regional centers are required to post information related to how purchase of service monies are spent for variety services.  The report will detail how much money is spent by diagnosis, ethnicity, language, and other similar measures.  The goal is to analyze the process for delivering services and to determine if all people have equal access.   San Andreas continues to evaluate the expenditures and has continued the educational outreach to ensure people know their rights and process for requesting services.    San Andreas will host a series of public forums to present the data and to gather community input related to reducing disparity and increasing access. Check back soon for those dates and locations.  Click below for the report and other information.


San Andreas will host community forums to discuss this report in early 2018.  We will publish those dates as soon as finalize.

Click here more information related to the Purchase of Service Requirements:   DDS POS Data Page 

Click here for information on how people are classified and the codes used for those descriptions:

disparity description

Click here for the 2016-2017 POS Data: 2017 disparity report combined


San Andreas Regional Center Report:  SARC Disparity Report FY 2017 final

San Andeas Regional  Center Data Presentation: SARC Disparity Report FY 2017 attachments[1]

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