Donate to SARC's Donation Fund

Thank you to all who donated via the Amazon Smile Program.   The program was discontinued in February 2023.

The San Andreas Regional Center donation fund is to help individuals with unique circumstances when there are few to no options.  The fund has helped people with:

  1. temporary rent support due to emergency circumstnace
  2. clothing purchases when people have immediate need, such as leaving a home, detainment,  or similar situation
  3. limited travel support in emergency situations
  4. and many other unique situations

The fund is for individuals served by San Andreas Regional Center only and for unique situations and when there are no other public benefits to support the individual.   To request support, please contact your service coordinator.  

If you are interested in donating to the fund on behalf of an individual served or in memory of a loved one, then please contact Karla Cruz at 408-374-9960 or send an email to


Thank you for your donations.


Every dollar helps our individuals

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