Nursing Services

The Quality Assurance (QA) Nurse reviews and evaluates Intermediate Care Facilities and Supported Living Services through completion of an Unannounced (ICF’s) or Quality Assurance (SLS) visit . These reviews are done at the request of the manager, service coordinator or per regulation requirements to investigate complaints or concerns that may be health and/or safety issues or a violation of the rights of the individual served by San Andreas Regional Center. It is designed as an educational component to the facility or agency to ensure that the health and safety needs of the individual are met.

The QA Nurse reviews the death of all individuals served by the Regional Center to ensure that the individual received all medical care as appropriate to sustain life and/or to provided comfort measures in the end stages of life. Additionally, the death is reviewed to ascertain if there was anything unusual about it so that the provider/parents can be provided with nursing support in order to better understand what occurred and to better deal with the loss of the individual.

The QA Nurse reviews all special incident reports involving medical concerns, hospitalizations, abuse or neglect, and deaths with the SIR coordinator.

The QA Nurse also provides training to the staff who care for the individuals that San Andreas serves on medical and risk management issues, health and safety, skills training and documentation. Current trainings offered include:
Special Incident Reports
Medication Administration and Documentation
Best Practices
Validation of Skills
Prevention of Choking

The QA Nurse has created a variety working tools for providers and staff that define health information or monitor the health and safety of individuals served by San Andreas.
These documents include:
Health Risk Profile
Annual Health Status Review
Intermediate Care Facilities, Community Care Facilities, and Supported Living Services Medical Monitoring Tools
Types of Residential Options
Definition/Explanation of Medical Terms for Staff and Providers
Common Lab Values
San Andreas “Best Practices”(with input from all San Andreas clinical nurses)

The QA Nurse is available to providers by email ( or phone (408-341-3822) to answer questions at anytime. This can be as simple as how to document a medication on one of the licensing forms, when a restricted health care plan is needed, or information about a training.