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Sept. 4, 2018

The Self Determination Program is almost ready to start, and the selection process is approaching!  San Andreas Regional Center has been allotted 125 people that can participate in this program over the next 3 years, and it is time for the department of developmental services to select those people.  Any person interested in Self Determination is required to have an informational meeting, and then their name can be submitted to DDS for possible selection into the program.   This on line presentation can be used as your informational meeting.

After you watch the presentation, decide if you would like to be considered for the Self Determination Program.  If your answer is “Yes!” then please email the name and address of the person currently receiving San Andreas Regional Center Services to Angela Munoz at

You do not need to watch the videos if you have already attended an informational meeting. 

Once we receive this name, we will give it to the Department of Developmental Services and you are eligible for possible selection.