POSITION TITLE: Risk Assessment Standards Compliance Coordinator

SALARY RANGE: $6,926.00 - $8,417.00 per month in Five Annual Steps (Exempt)


[x ] Regular [ x] Full-Time [ ] Temporary [ ] Part-time

JOB SUMMARY: A person in this position plans, coordinates and assures implementation of the regional center’s overall Special Incident Report (SIR) data reporting and follow-up process, maintaining the Agency’s SIR tracking system; participates in analysis of SIRs for trends and implications related to the Regional Center’s compliance with State regulatory requirements and maintains an effective feedback loop of information internally.


  • Reviews daily special incident reportable / non- reportable SANDIS SIRs.
  • Electronically submits SIRs and follows-up with DDS,
  • Maintains a risk management database.
  • Develops monthly data summary reports identifying trends and patterns in SIRs.
  • Acquires death certificates for processing closure of SIRs and final transmission to DDS.
  • Develops and monitors the Regional Center risk management plan.
  • Plans and participates in Risk Management, Assessment, Planning Committee and Board Meetings
  • Participates in Mortality and Morbidity Committee and Quality Assurance Advisory Committee meetings, identifying trends and patterns in SIRs.
  • May participate in QA reviews and functions
  • Participates in SIR training sessions for Regional Center staff, service providers, and others, on proper preparation and submission of SIRs.
  • Assist with Corrective Action Plans
  • May include in QA reviews
  • Other duties as assigned

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Associate Director, Community Services

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Risk Assessment Standards Compliance Assistant

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Masters preferred or Bachelor’s Degree with two year’s experience with a concentration in psychology, social work or related field. One (1) year experience in working in regional center context.


  • knowledge of or experience with persons with developmental disabilities;
  • knowledge of Title 17 and Quality Assurance Standards;
  • the ability to present training to groups or individuals;
  •  knowledge of analytical techniques and report preparation;
  • demonstrated ability to write effectively;
  • ability to utilize computer skills, especially Excel and Word, for the collection, input, and analysis of data, and producing reports;
  • excellent ability to communicate with various segments of the community.
  • travel to periodic statewide meetings

OTHER: Use of an automobile, possession of a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law or the ability to provide for independent transportation.


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