POSITION TITLE: Nursing Specialist

SALARY RANGE: $7,711.00 - $10,108.00 per month in Five Annual Steps Non-Exempt salary

Collective Bargaining Position

Location: San Jose office

[x ] Regular  [ x] Full-Time  [ ] Temporary  [ ] Part-time

JOB SUMMARY: While maintaining good public relations with the community and implementing the vision of the agency, this position is responsible to support and promote the health and appropriate medical care of consumers. The RN in this position provides Level of Placement and Respite Assessments and offers information on health and disease to consumers, families, staff and providers. The RN must have experience with training, discharge planning, and consultation.

The Nursing Specialist utilizes Clinical skills to promote good-quality healthcare regardless of placement in the community, as part of the provision of comprehensive services to the developmentally disabled individuals being served by the San Andreas Regional Center.


  1. Participate as member of the inter-disciplinary planning team, as well as intake teams for Early Start and over age 3 intake referrals
  2. Assess and consult on all matters pertaining to the growth and development of consumers diagnosed with developmental disabilities.
  3. Assist family members or community care givers using a medical case management model to ensure the provision of comprehensive health care services
  4. Review and approve health care plans submitted by community providers for Regional Center consumers
  5. Provide consultation, training and guidance on health related issues to community care providers serving the developmentally disabled population
  6. Participate on quality management teams and conduct monitoring reviews
  7. Advocate for the provision of quality health care and quality end of life care. Collaborate with hospital discharge planners and monitor consumer health status post-discharge
  8. Provide assistance with Federal program compliance
  9. Inform, educate and provide oversight, training and approval regarding the development and implementation of Restricted Health Care Plans in compliance with Title 22 regulations.
  10. Provide recommendations for nursing respite level of care for individually referred consumers and based upon file documentation
  11. Conduct health status review and level of placement assessments using standardized tools approved by the Health Services Unit.
  12. Participate in the SIR (Special Incident Report)/Mortality and Morbidity Risk Management Mitigation process
  13. Understand the health insurance issues of the community in which consumers live.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: General supervision and direction by the Coordinator of Health Services Unit.



Must be a Registered Nurse licensed to practice under the State of California. Must have a minimum of two years of nursing experience. Preference is given for Bachelor and/or Master level of education. Training and/or experience in the field of developmental disabilities is preferred.

SPECIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Ability to relate to and convey knowledge in a constructive and effective manner to consumers, their families, and professionals within the agency and outside the agency. Knowledge of the developmental process, normal and abnormal, from conception through adulthood. Knowledge of principles, techniques, methods, and theory of nursing practice in serving the developmentally disabled. Knowledge of diagnosis, treatment and management of health conditions in both children and adults.

OTHER: Use of an automobile, possession of a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law or the ability to provide for independent transportation.

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