POSITION TITLE: Emergency Response Coordinator
LOCATION:  San Jose, California

SALARY RANGE: $7,647.00 - $9,295.00 per month in Five Annual Steps

Non-Bargaining Exempt Status

[x ] Regular  [ x] Full-Time  [ ] Temporary  [ ] Part-time

SUMMARY: Responsible for developing, implementing and training emergency action plan for the agency to include individuals served, their support system, vendors, and employees. Plan, manage, direct and coordinate the different activities in execution of the emergency action/response plans in preparation for disasters. Review, evaluate and analyze work environments and design program and procedures to control, eliminate and prevent disease or injury.


Associate Director of Community Services


Essential Job Specific Duties:

  • Keep informed of activities or changes that could affect the likelihood of an emergency, as well as those that could affect response efforts and details of plan implementation.
  • Assess the emergency needs that are to be addressed in disaster planning or providing technical support to Case Management, Community Services, Health Services and administration. Responsible for all associated preparation, alerts, response, and tracking activities.
  • Develop and maintain liaisons with officials of local and area governments, schools, hospitals, and other institutions in order to facilitate plan development, response effort coordination and support of personnel and equipment. Consult with these officials to determine needs and capabilities in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.
  • Participate on the board of CADRE (Coordinating Agencies’ Disaster Relief Effort) and participate on CADRE’s Access and Functional Needs committee.
  • Act as the primary contact for Department of Developmental Services (DDS) in case of emergencies or disasters. Provide reports and information to DDS as requested.
  • Coordinate emergency/disaster response or crisis management activities including but not limited to mitigation, preparation, response and recovery programs. Communicate evacuation orders, liaison with public shelters and implement plans and programs.
  • Update and maintain all SARC emergency notification systems. Communicate emergency/disaster activities. Collaborate with other regional center personnel to ensure maintenance, utilization, testing, and ongoing reviews of the system are completed.
  • Inspect facilities and equipment to determine their operational and functional capabilities in emergency situations.
  • Recruit and vendor service providers offering services that can support individuals and their support systems in case of emergency or disaster.
  • Review emergency plans of vendors and individuals to ensure client safety.
  • Apply for federal, state and local funding and/or grants for emergency management related needs; administer such grants and report on their progress. Provide aid in applying for FEMA assistance.
  • Keep informed of federal, state and local regulations affecting emergency plans and ensure that plans adhere to these regulations
  • Develop, implement, and maintain emergency plans and procedures to be used in response to disaster/emergencies and recovery from these events.
  • Design and administer training courses on various topics. Trainings may be for SARC staff, service providers, individuals served and their support system, or other SARC stakeholders.
  • Provide exercises of various scenarios with vendors and other community agencies to identify gaps in preparedness, and ways to address them.
  • Design instructional materials to help individuals we serve; vendors and employees plan for disasters/emergencies.
  • Be knowledgeable of workplace environments and safety practices through communication with the HR department of the agency.
  • Compliance with safety standards and government regulations.
  •  Chair Employee Safety Committee Meeting
  • Work with the HR department of the agency to be aware of the employee safety program. Assist with prevention trainings as necessary.
  • Maintain first aid and AED equipment to ensure it is fully operational
  • Develop and perform tests and evaluations of emergency management plans in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes, or materials.
  • Investigate accidents to identify causes or to determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future.
  • Provide detailed reports verbally and in writing regarding an emergency event or accident as requested.
  • Perform other like duties as assigned

Other Job Specific Duties:

  • Maintains respectful and clear communication with supervisor and coworkers
  • Accepts guidance, constructive advice and supervision
  • Seeks clarification or support as needed
  • Work alternative hours as required
  • Required to work long hours during an emergency
  • Attend all meetings, trainings, and conferences as assigned
  • Maintains safe and functional work environment in conjunction with Human Resources


Knowledge of:

  • Basic knowledge of Emergency Services Act, Incident Command System, Standardized Emergency Management Systems, Emergency Support Function, Recovery Support Functions, Emergency Management Mutual Aid, Hazard Mitigation Plan and Emergency Communications Systems
  • Appropriate federal, state and local laws pertaining to emergency plans
  • FEMA’s National Incident Management System preferred
  • Federal/State financial aid policies

Ability to:

  • Maintain strict adherence to all confidential laws
  • Effectively present information in group settings to individuals served, their support system, vendors and employees of the organization
  • Ability to work with a high level of professionalism with government agencies, law enforcement, fire officials, individuals served and support system, vendors, employees and general public to coordinate emergency responses.
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Read, write and possess good grammatical skills which include accuracy and spelling, word usage, and punctuation
  • Make timely decisions, often in stressful situations. Must work well in a fast-paced, high stress environment. Must identify the strengths and weakness of all solutions and approaches, as well as the costs and benefits of each action.
  • Anticipate hazards and problems that may arise from an emergency to respond effectively
  • Possess an attitude of self-sufficiency needed to overcome challenges when support from others may be unavailable.
  • Work well with others as a contributing team member
  • Work under changing priorities and extreme time constraints
  • Adapt to change in the work environment
  • Collect and analyze data and develop and implement programs


  • Masters preferred or BA with experience in emergency management, public administration, public safety or in a related field from an accredited college
  • Three years’ experience or equivalent combination of education and experience


  • Work is primarily performed in professional office environment
  • Vision required to view computer monitor, read numbers and printed material.
  • Mobility sufficient to reach, lift and transport files and other work material to work areas.
  • Work outside of regular work hours and days in the evet of an emergency
  • A valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law or the ability to provide for independent transportation.

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POSITION TITLE:    Resources Specialist


SALARY RANGE:  $5,267.00 - $6,400.00 per month in Five Annual Steps


Non-Exempt salary (37.5 hours per week) Collective Bargaining Position




[x ]  Regular     [ x] Full-Time    [  ] Temporary    [  ]  Part-time

JOB SUMMARY: While maintaining good public relations with the community and implementing the vision of the agency, this position coordinates and develops a continuum of community resources and services for persons with developmental disabilities.  This position is also responsible for providing public information about, and creating community awareness of regional center service needs for persons with developmental disabilities.


  • Plans and initiates the development of needed programs and services through provision of new vendor documents, review of new vendor documents, and support to provider to ensure accurate completion of new vendor documents.
  • Provides technical assistance to new and existing service providers to ensure quality of services and program effectiveness.
  • Designs a service provider recruitment and orientation program.
  • Reviews proposed program designs for regulatory requirements.
  • Maintains an inventory of programs and services available for consumers throughout the catchment area.
  • Conducts quality assurance reviews of existing service providers’ programs.
  • Reviews specialized contracts in collaboration with the Fiscal Department.
  • Reviews services provided in catchment area to avoid duplication and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develops, implements and monitors cost-effective alternative service models.
  • Resolves issues with consumers, care service providers, parents and agency staff regarding regulatory requirement issues and non-routine service requests which do not easily fit into the current service system.
  • Resolves issues regarding services which will result in a disproportionately high cost.
  • Trains and/or coordinates training to staff and service providers regarding new services and any corresponding regulatory requirements.
  • Conducts special projects as requested.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Direct supervision from the District Manager of the Community Services Department.


EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Master’s Degree in social work or a related field or a Bachelor’s Degree in social work or a related field plus four years of experience.  One year of experience in program development and/or community organization is desirable.

SPECIAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge of a wide variety of available community resources; knowledge of basic needs and approaches in working with the developmentally disabled and program development; ability to relate individual needs to overall community and agency planning; ability to undertake major projects and gain the cooperation of others in following through to completion; ability to speak and write effectively; ability to utilize various communication media; ability to work effectively with a wide variety of agencies and individuals and represent the agency in a positive manner; and the ability to work independently; ability to communicate with supervisor regarding job functions, ability to work remotely and communicate progress of work to supervisor, and the ability to organize work so as to maintain efficiency and productivity.

OTHER: Use of an automobile, possession of a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law or the ability to provide for independent transportation.

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