San Andreas Regional Center Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from all areas of the community. Board members play an important role in providing policy leadership and oversight for our organization. Our Regional Center’s Board of Directors not only helps keep San Andreas connected to the community, but responsive to its needs as well.

Application Directions:

If you need help filling out the attached application or if you have questions about the application, please call the Executive Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary at 408-341-3826. A resume may be included with completed applications but it is not a requirement. After you complete this form, please return it to the Regional Center by mail, fax, email, or in person (Please see the box below).

Conflict of Interest:

It is important that no conflict of interest exists between you as a potential board member and your other existing roles and responsibilities. The details of the above are contained in section 4626 of the Welfare and Institutions Code of the State of California. If you would like to request a copy of this section, please contact the Executive Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary  (Please see the box below).


Telephone Number Address Email Fax Number
408-341-3826 Board Development Committee San Andreas Regional Center  6203 San Ignacio Ave. Suite 200  San Jose, CA. 95119 408-281-6967

♦  Board Application Package