Q4 2019 schedule

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Community Services Dept Trainings – 2019 – Q2 Schedule

 If you are unable to see classes for the last 2 months of the quarter, go to the Search box (at the top) and type in “all”. Then “enter” and you should be able to see the calendar of classes for the next two months.

It is best to use Firefox internet browser for seeing the calendar and registering for class, instead of Internet Explorer or other browsers.

For Health Related Trainings: Email or 408-341-3475 if you continue to have a problem with that.

Please note: Tests are being scored at the end of each class, and 80% is the “passing grade” in order to receive a certificate.

Doors close 10 minutes after class start time!  See you in class!

 **Note different time format for Assisting with Medications  class.  This class is 5-1/2  hours, with a half-hour lunch break.  5 CEs.

Bring your lunch and drink!


For Community Services Department training questions: contact Linda in Community Services Department at 408-374-9960[/vc_message]