May 2019 Fundamentals of Dementia in Persons with ID/DD

For vendors of San Andreas Regional Center only: Learn the basics of dementia in people with intellectual and developmental disabilities:  different types of dementia, signs and symptoms, and how a diagnosis is made. Fundamental information on managing behaviors and tips on providing daily care for someone with dementia and a developmental disability. Class time is…


May 2019 Restricted Health Conditions in Adult Community Care

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only (licensed adult facilities). This class covers the requirements of Title 22, Sections 80090-80092 regarding Incidental Medical Services in Adult Residential Facilities and 82092 for Adult Day Care Facilities.  Class time is 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Doors close at 9:40!   Registration is limited to 3 people…


May 2019 Developing an Agency Emergency Plan

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. Administrators or Licensees only This class will take you through the CADRE “Agency Emergency Plan” workbook so that you can develop or improve the plan for your facility or agency.  Important factors in planning for a disaster will be discussed. This class is for Administrators or…


May 2019 Signs and Symptoms of Illness and Injury

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. Learn or review the importance of knowing the baseline condition of the people you serve, as well as what to do when you notice something out of the ordinary. Discussion of difference between routine, urgent, and emergency situations. Discussion of some common signs and symptoms seen…


April Difficulty Swallowing 2019

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. Learn how food gets from our mouth to our stomach, and some of the problems that can happen when that process does not work correctly.  Video of normal and abnormal swallows.  Hands-on practice with “Thick-It,” a substance that modifies fluids for a person with a swallowing disorder.…


New Vendor Supported Living Orientation

The Supported Living Services (SLS) Orientation is required for individuals and agencies interested in developing a SLS program in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties. What is SLS Title 17 SLS Regulations Philosophy of SLS SLS Presentation Vendorization Cost and Rates Review Instructor:   Mary Lynn Rochlitz Please note:  There is a 15…


Basics of Behavior Management

For CCF Administrators and staff, adult day program Managers and staff, and ILS/SLS managers and staff. Learn the basics of how to work with a person with difficult behaviors. Instructor is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with many years experience with people with ID/DD.  Class includes information on observation, intervention, and documentation. Learn what’s important…


Residential Services Orientation for Residential Care Homes

The Residential Services Orientation (RSO) is required for new residential care facilities administrators and for those interested in developing a residential care facility in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties. RSO attendance is also required for staff at a Family Home Agency. Only one person per residential care facility agency may register for the RSO.…


April What is Epilepsy? 2019

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. Learn about epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, including types of seizures, treatments, ways to handle a seizure episode. Must pass the test with 80% score in order to receive a certificate.  3 CEUs. Bring a pen/pencil and your glasses, if you wear them.  You may…


April Pressure Sore Prevention and Care 2019

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. Learn the basics about the body’s largest organ– the skin.  Information on normal skin, how skin gets damaged, how to prevent damage, and treatment of pressure sores will be presented.  Class time is 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.   Doors close at 9:40! Maximum of 3 people can…


Mini Residential Services Orientation (RSO) for Family Home Agencies (FHA)- Watsonville

This required training is designed to introduce new Family Home Provider (FHA) employees to:  The Regional Center System The California State Title 17 regulations for a FHA and identify how the FHAs’ program design addresses these regulations. The course requires attendant participation. Instructor: Teagan Hines Trainings are repeated throughout the year and are posted on a…


April Special Incident Reports 2019

Learn about the Special Incident Report process–part of your responsibility as a Regional Center vendor, per Title 17 regulations.   What is a special incident, review of types of incidents, how to download and complete the form, how to follow up, importance of communication. Class time is 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.   Doors close at 9:40! Please…


April Assisting with Medications-5 hour Class 2019

For service providers of San Andreas Regional Center only. All day class (5 hours, plus 1/2 hour for lunch break). Learn the standard of practice for assisting an individual with self-administration of medications.  Training is based on the DSP (direct support professional) training by DDS.  Introduction to safe practices in Community Care Facilities to help keep people healthy…