Please note that June 30th marks the end of our fiscal year. As such, Purchase of Service (POS) authorizations for services set to commence on  July 01, 2016 and thereafter will not be available until mid to late July. Only POS authorizations set up to roll over across fiscal years will have available authorization numbers at the beginning of July .
We thank you for your patience!!!

Please send the Independent Audit Reports to Maria Moreto at mmoreto@sarc.org

What is the Service Provider Portal?

The Service Provider Portal is a new online tool for service providers to easily access up-to-date information regarding their transactions with SARC and their consumers. The SPP allows service providers to receive authorization information faster and in a more efficient way than by traditional mail service.

After the authorization is input into the SARC system, it will be available to service providers within one working day. Additional reports allow the service provider to reference important consumer information, review/track payment history and plan for authorization expiration dates, all online.


attention*** Step by step of instructions how to revert back to the older verion of Java which will allow vendors access to the SPP ***


1) Service Provider Portal Tutorial – *PDF Video may require opening in Adobe Reader/Acrobat to play.

2) Accessing the Service Provider Portal in Mozilla Firefox (2017)

3) Service Provider Portal – Agreement for Use – PDF

4) Super -User Setup – PDF

5) Regular User Setup – PDF

6) SPP Program Enhancements – PDF

7) SPP Program FAQs – PDF

*Once you see the LegaSuite screen you may experience a 3-10 minute wait for the Login screen to display. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve the site’s performance in the future.

How can I begin Using the SPP?

1) Review the Service Provider Portal Tutorial (#1).

2) Download the Agreement of Use Form (#2).

3) Complete and email it to awall@sarc.org

Service Provider Portal