Please join the San Andreas Regional Center Round table discussion regarding the upcoming Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) changes.   All are welcomed. Click on the flyer for details

Join us on 5/28/19 for an HCBS training.  All are welcome.  Register with Ann Seiber at aseiber@sarc.org.    fullsizeoutput_a844

Roundtable Flyer 2019


Person Centered Thinking & Planning Training Resources


Allen, Shea & Assoc. – http://allenshea.com/

Beth Mount – http://www.bethmount.org/ , http://www.capacityworks2.com/

Choice Powers Change Consulting – choicepowerschange@gmail.com

Every Moment Has Potential – http://www.activesupportresource.net.au

Inclusion Press – http://www.inclusion.com/pkpersoncenteredpack.html

Increasing PCT: Improving the Quality of PCP (Manual) – https://rtc.umn.edu/docs/pcpmanual1.pdf

Institute for Person Centered Practices – http://www.person-centered-practices.org/training-offered.html

The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices – http://tlcpcp.com/

Open Future Learning – http://www.openfuturelearning.org/why-ofl.html

Pathways to Excellence Training Program, https://mn.gov/mnddc/parallels2/pdf/90s/93/93-PTE-HIS.pdf

Person Centered Thinking Resource Guide – https://dhs.sd.gov/developmentaldisabilities/docs/PCTResourceGuide07-27-05.pdf

Quality Mall – http://www.qualitymall.org/directory/dept1.asp?deptid=23

Support Development Associates – http://sdaus.com/work#pctpp