Let your voice be heard!

We at California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) want to hear about your or your family member’s services that are provided by regional centers throughout California. This survey is part of a study about how California pays for services. Your ideas can inform how we pay for regional center services, consider changes to pay rates, and hopefully improve services overall. This survey is available in multiple languages.

What is this survey about?

The survey asks for your opinions about services. It also asks for general information about you and/or your family member.

Who should take this survey?

Take this survey if you or a family member receives services provided by a regional center, especially if you want to improve these services.

How long will it take?

The survey will take you 15-25 minutes to complete.

What will happen to my answers?

Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) will collect and analyze your answers. HSRI is helping us with this survey and will show us the results. We do not ask you for your name or any other information that tells us who you are. Your responses will be kept private and will not be linked to you.

Where can I get more information, and who should I contact for questions?

Burns & Associates is completing a study about rates. You can find more information about the rate study here .

For questions or comments about the survey, contact

For questions about the rate study, contact

Thank you for your time.  We are excited to hear from you!