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Purchase of Service Data FY 17-18

Each year,  regional centers are required to post information related to how purchase of service monies are spent for variety services.  The report will detail how much money is spent by diagnosis, ethnicity, language, and other similar measures.  The goal is to analyze the process for delivering services and to determine if all people have equal…


Join the SARC Board of Directors

San Andreas is needs a representatives from San Benito,  Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties.      We need people who are both dynamic and interested in helping steer the regional center.  We need a representative from San Benito County in particular, and those who have both legal and financial backgrounds.  Please visit our Board of…


IDD/Dementia Workshops


All ​participants ​will ​receive ​a ​certificate ​for ​12 ​contact ​hours.

Hosted ​by: ​ ​San ​Andreas ​Regional ​Center

This ​training ​is ​only ​open ​to ​vendors ​of, ​and ​families ​of ​individuals ​served ​by, ​San ​Andreas ​Regional ​Center ​in ​Santa ​Clara, ​Santa ​Cruz, ​San ​Benito, ​and ​Monterey ​counties. ​

2 ​Day ​Basic ​Workshop: ​ ​June ​11 ​& ​12, ​2019 ​from ​9:00 ​am ​to ​4:30 ​pm ​daily. ​ ​Cost: ​ ​$25 ​ ​

This ​workshop ​covers ​the ​basics ​of ​ID ​and ​Dementia. ​ ​Topics ​include: ​Introduction ​to ​Aging ​and ​ID ​• ​Understanding ​Dementia ​in ​Adults ​with ​ID: ​What ​is ​dementia? ​How ​does ​it ​present ​differently ​in ​adults ​with ​ID? ​• ​Early ​Detection ​and ​Screening ​for ​Dementia…Challenges ​& ​Resources. ​• ​Obtaining ​a ​Diagnosis ​• ​Health ​Care ​Advocacy ​for ​Adults ​with ​ID ​and ​Dementia ​• ​Understanding ​Challenging ​Behavior ​in ​ID ​and ​Dementia ​• ​Non-pharmacologic ​Interventions ​for ​Behavior ​• ​Communication ​Tips ​and ​Strategies ​• ​Adapting ​the ​Physical ​Environment ​• ​ID ​and ​Dementia ​Capable ​Residences ​• ​Stage-based ​Considerations ​• ​Bridging ​the ​Aging ​and ​Intellectual ​Disability ​Networks.

3 ​Day ​”Train-the-Trainer” ​Workshop: ​ ​June ​11, ​12 ​& ​13, ​2019 ​from ​9:00 ​am ​to ​4:30 ​pm ​daily: ​Cost: ​ ​$50

This ​workshop ​is ​for ​those ​wishing ​to ​become ​an ​”Affiliated ​NTG ​Regional ​Trainer.” ​ ​ ​The ​first ​two ​days ​of ​the ​workshop ​consist ​of ​the ​2 ​Day ​Basic ​Workshop ​described ​above. ​ ​A ​third ​day ​is ​devoted ​to ​understanding ​and ​delivering ​the ​full ​NTG ​Dementia ​Capable ​Care ​Curriculum. ​Affiliated ​trainers ​are ​authorized ​to ​use ​NTG ​branded ​and ​copyrighted ​training ​materials ​to ​train ​within ​their ​own ​agency ​or ​organization ​or ​to ​conduct ​training ​for ​outside ​agencies ​and ​organizations. ​ ​Affiliated ​trainers ​have ​access ​to ​greatly ​expanded ​topic ​modules, ​trainer ​manual, ​NTG ​continuing ​education ​webinars, ​and ​are ​mentored ​by ​NTG ​Master ​Trainers.

register here: IDD/Dementia Workshop 


5th Annual Super Hero Summer Festival

5th Annual Super Hero Summer Festival Service Providers /Organizations register here to have a Resource Table >>> Register here <<  Please join us for our 5th Annual Summer Festivals in Salinas,  San Jose, and Watsonville.   These days are full of fun and information.   Click on the flyers for specific information related to the…


Burns and Associates Rate Study

The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) submitted the rate study on the provision of community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities to the California Legislature. The rate study includes four parts: Part 1 summarizes the various methodologies for establishing rates for home and community-based services and outlines current rates and methodologies in California. Part 2…


Self Determination Online Presentation

The Self Determination Program is almost ready to start, and the selection process is approaching!  San Andreas Regional Center has been allotted 125 people that can participate in this program over the next 3 years, and it is time for the department of developmental services to select those people.  Any person interested in Self Determination is required to have an…


San Benito County Office Hours

We are pleased to offer office hours in San Bento County.     We hope to stay connected with those families who live in that county.    See information here:


san benito office hours




Performance Contract 2019

Thank you to those who were able to come to our meeting on September 17th to discuss our 2019 proposed performance contract presentation.  If you were unable to attend,   please review our goals here.   We encourage your feedback so please use the feedback form to express your thoughts and opinions.  Thank you for your time.  …


Purchase of Service Data Analysis- Presentation dates – Back up

Below are the dates for our POS Data Presentations.   We hope to see you there for a lively discussion. Thursday, March 3, 2016 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Louden Nelson Com. Center 301 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA Thursday, March 10, 2016 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Steinbach Center 1 Main Street, Salinas, CA…


National Core Indicators Report

What is NCI? The National Core Indicators (NCI) program is a voluntary effort by state developmental disability agencies to gauge and track their own performance using a common and nationally validated set of performance measures. The effort is coordinated by the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) in collaboration with the…

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Employment Blueprint-“Real Work for Real Pay in the Real World”

Since late 2014, the Department of Developmental Services, the Department of Rehabilitation, and the California Department of Education have been working to draft an outline of how to best work together to help individuals with developmental disabilities to transition from school to work more effectively. Yesterday, the departments released a document known as the California…


A guide to Voting in California Video

The Secretary of State’s “Disability Sensitivity at the Polls” is a helpful reference for poll workers at the polling place on Election Day. The Secretary of State has approved several voting systems for use that allow voters with disabilities to cast their votes privately and independently. For a list of the equipment used in your county, visit…